STUK, Belgium

James Turrell (US), Paolo di Trapani & Coelux (IT), Ief Spincemaille (BE), Frederic Geurts (BE), Rob Sweere (NL), Berndnaut Smilde (NL), Alistair McClymont (UK), Charlotte Charbonnel (FR), Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf (BE – BE/NO), Bilal Bahir (IQ/BE), Sjoerd Knibbeler (NL), Javier Pérez (ES), Marije Baalman (NL), Amy Balkin (US), James Bridle (UK), The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (US/NO/IE) & Nicola Twilley (US/UK) Alicia Framis (ES), Laurent Grasso (FR), Ruben Pater (NL), Forensic Architecture (UK), Super ux (UK/IN), Wesley Goatley & Georgina Voss (UK), Bigert & Bergström (SE) and Liam Young (AU)

February 9, 2016 - February 16, 2016